July 8, 2015 • Volvo Penta – A Perfect Match for Forestry & Agriculture

With a long history working in the forestry and agricultural industry, Volvo Penta has proven itself again and again as the perfect partner for a multitude of applications in these trades. 

With numerous features to make installation easier, as well creating machines that are not only more efficient but more powerful, Volvo Penta is quickly gaining new friends in these industries as customers realize the potential these engines have when it comes to their bottom line.

The entire range of Volvo Penta engines have been specifically designed with ease of use, simple maintenance and quick installation in mind. Their newest additions to the range, however, have experts in the industry realizing just how well these engines are suited to their applications.

The D5, D8 and, the largest unit the range, the D16 offer exceptional features unique to the market. The D5 and D8 are built on the same platform, making them almost identical except for the number of cylinders. Each engine has the same layout — and thus the same connection points — as well as the same options list, for one-stop-shopping for OEMs. To simplify things for end users, only one spare parts kit is needed for both engines: the starter, fuel filter, oil filter, AC compressor, alternator, belt drives, flywheel, flywheel housing and PTOs are identical on the D5 and the D8.


“It’s rare to find two engines of different displacements that are built on identical platforms, but Volvo Penta made it happen in order to benefit our OEMs and their end customers,” says Miron Thoms, head of industrial engines for Volvo Penta Central Europe. “We work to simplify installation and maintenance — and for the manufacturers, technicians and operators who work with both the D5 and D8, the advantages are many. Everything is designed to be straightforward.” In addition to easy installation and maintenance, fuel consumption has been reduced for the Stage IV/Tier 4 Final D5 and D8 over the previous generation of Volvo Penta Stage IIIB/Tier 4i engines. In fact, the new D8 has been proven to reduce fuel consumption over the Stage IIIB Volvo Penta D7, despite a larger displacement and the more stringent emissions requirements of Stage IV.

Both the D5 and D8 have a high power output per liter of displacement — up to 160 kW for the five-liter and up to 235 kW for the eight-liter. Their stiff engine blocks create a quieter cabin with less vibration, ideal for farmers or operators working long hours. The ability to operate at various RPM, in combination with the low end torque, makes them ideal for applications where the machine needs to frequently accelerate and decelerate. The largest engine in Volvo Penta’s range, the D16 sets a benchmark in low-end torque, as well, with high torque over a wide range of RPM. Available in power ratings from 405 kW to 565 kW, the D16 comes with a variety of options available, much like the D5 and D8. For all Volvo Penta engines, a 1,000-hour oil interval is available for less downtime dedicated to routine maintenance. And the aftertreatment system is compact and maintenance free.


To meet the emissions legislation requirements of Stage IV/Tier 4 Final, Volvo Penta relies on an optimized base engine and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and only a light exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) required. “At Volvo Penta, we are constantly innovating to adapt our products to meet customer needs,” Miron says. “We work across a broad range of industrial segments, but we don’t create one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead we listen to OEMs’ need in order to come up with solutions that are well suited to their end users — regardless of their business.”

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