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Protect your investment with peace of mind at no extra cost with the latest genuine offer from Volvo.

Receive 3 Years / 6,000 Hours Warranty on any new or reman Genuine Volvo Major Component at NO extra cost. Major components include:

  • Engine & Transmission
  • Drop Box
  • Axle Assembly
  • Final Drive
  • Travel Motor
  • Swing Gear Box
  • Swing Motor
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Main Control Valve

 Offer available on all purchases between 1st July 2017 and 31st December 2017 – so make the most of it!


For added comfort get your Volvo major component fitted by a CJD factory trained technician & receive a Volvo ‘MATRIS’ report plus the latest software installed FREE of charge. ‘MATRIS’ is a computer downloaded report that gives you a clear view of your machine’s status. It contains valuable information such as machine utilisation, working cycle, fuel consumption, gear/time distribution and much more.

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The Future of Mining: How Trucks are Transforming the Industry

The world is steadily moving away from fossil fuels, and even China, arguably Australia’s most important mining export, is seeing a downturn in consumption of our exported product. The astronomical costs of mining have seen many firms leave the industry, and many mining sites decommissioned over the last decade. Rising expenditure and unpredictable fluctuations in prices make mining less than the golden goose it once was. In a landscape of shrinking margins, miners are turning to…

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6 Tips for Keeping Demolition Safe

6 Tips for Keeping Demolition Safe While many myths about the demolition industry abound, the idea that the practice is inherently dangerous still holds true today. When heavy machinery and destruction are combined, there are obvious risks involved. While the demolition industry in Australia is legislated to promote safety above all else, there is always potential for disaster. For those considering entering the industry, or those simply wanting to make their workplace safer for others, there…

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Hallett Resources Save 15% on Cost-Per-Ton with Two A60H Haulers

A pair of the range-topping A60H articulated haulers have been delivered to Adelaide-based Hallett Resources. The two units have taken on the work previously handled by three Volvo A40 units, delivering cost-savings through better fuel efficiency and productivity. For the last 11 years, Hallett Resources has relied on three Volvo A40 units for load and haul operations at its quarry in McLaren Vale, Adelaide, South Australia. While these 40 t-rated articulated haulers have performed reasonably well,…

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