The future of housing: What housing construction will look like in the next century

This vast, brown land of ours might be sparsely populated when compared with some of the world’s other developed nations, and yet the urban crunch is just as apparent in Australia’s major cities as it is throughout the world. As populations soar and the clever use of resources becomes a mounting concern, what will Australian housing construction look like in 20 years, 100 years, and further?   Towering high-rises and apartment blocks are nothing new to…

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Aussie Farmers Make The Most of Scorching Summers With Solar

The searing Australian sunshine can be the bane of existence for many Australian farmers, as rain is hard to come by and crops suffer under extreme temperatures. Some farmers, however, are making the most of these conditions by using our most abundant resource – the sun – to offset their energy costs and keep their farms afloat.   Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg famously quoted figures on a 2016 episode of ABC’s Q&A program which suggested that…

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What is METRONET and what does in mean for Western Australia?

Metronet, the flagship policy of WA’s McGowan Government, hopes to see congestion ease in Perth as thousands of residents and visitors flock to the proposed new bus and train network. The multi-billion-dollar project could make or break the Labor government, and commentators are divided over whether the project is folly or not.   The proposal was the major platform for Labor during the March 2017 election, and has since faced surprisingly little scrutiny from the opposition….

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WA To Host Livestock Export Conference

The Western Australian livestock export industry has been awarded a boon with the announcement that it will host the annual livestock export conference, LIVEXchange in November this year. After a well-received 2016 conference was held in Canberra, the Western Australian industry is pleased to have the opportunity to showcase their sector in 2017. To be held on November 15 and 16 at Perth’s Crown Towers, the conference will be hosted by the Western Australian Livestock Export…

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The Fine Line Between Employee or Contractor

There is a fine line when determining whether your workers are employees or contractors, it seems to be a grey area that continues to fly under the radar in the construction industry. Every business wants to cut costs, meet deadlines on time and hire workers with minimal effort. Unfortunately, this has led to a percentage of the industry adopting less than compliant practices when hiring workers.   It has become common practice for employers to assume…

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