Circular Economy: What Is It And Why Aren't We Already Doing It? 1

Circular Economy: What Is It And Why Aren’t We Already Doing It?

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. As usual, it takes a crisis before we shift gears in Australia, and this time that crisis is recycling. For decades, China has bought much of our recycling waste and thus expunged us of the need to manage it more effectively ourselves. Recently, however, the Red Dragon has become more than a little exasperated by the low quality of our garbage. It seems Australians are not very good…

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Passive Housing: What's the Fuss About? 2

Passive Housing: What’s the Fuss About?

Passive housing, while it might not be a household term in Australia just yet, has been around as a concept for quite a while. Every year, new housing construction firms with a strong focus on carbon-neutral construction, clean energy, and passive housing builds are popping up. But, building passive housing is not a challenge for the faint hearted, which is perhaps why the movement is yet to sweep the general residential construction market by storm. If…

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