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Kenworth – Market Leadership

At CJD Equipment, we only partner with brands whose products we know and trust. We work closely with all our brand partners to make sure that we bring you the highest quality equipment we can find for your work-site or business. We are committed to quality and affordability, and we like working with people who are as passionate about their equipment as we are.

Kenworth are one of our top partners and a best-selling brand, and we are proud to be industry leaders in distributing their products. Kenworth trucks are known for being strong and reliable in the most extreme conditions: from the weaving freeways of Perth, to the harsh weather of the Australian outback, all the way through to major cities on the east coast and Tasmania. Kenworth know that trucks need to be made to withstand all types of conditions, and to remain in great condition on long hauls.

Kenworth are incredibly safe trucks, and are designed to ensure both the reliability of the vehicle, the safety of the driver and other road users. Kenworth boasts that they are some of the most durable and heavy-duty trucks ever built – and we agree! Their trucks are Australian made and owned, and some of their original products have been happily running for over 40 years. They kicked off their brand in Australia in 1971, and have continued to grow since.

The Kenworth brand of trucks are designed and manufactured for the specific tasks they are required to carry out, rather than mass manufactured with broad concepts in mind. We represent Kenworth because we know that they have other businesses in mind, and that their products are manufactured carefully and specifically to ensure they meet the needs of Australian customers and our rough and tough conditions. Kenworth trucks are great value for money that is cost effective over the long haul period of ownership.  CJD is always making sure that we are loyal to our customers when finding the right price.

At CJD Equipment, we are confident to represent the Kenworth brand, and recommend their trucks to our customers every day. We distribute and service Kenworth trucks across Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania, and we have the expertise and know-how to ensure you are getting a fit for purpose, custom built product – and to make sure it’s kept in great condition throughout its tenure.

Get in touch with us today to chat some more about Kenworth, and find out how their trucks, and the CJD Equipment team, can add value and safety to your business with Kenworth, Australian made, world’s best.


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