RGR Road Haulage and CJD Trucks

The First Step

Pictured below is RGR Road Haulage’s first Kenworth truck that marked the beginning of a long relationship between RGR Road Haulage, the Kenworth brand, and the CJD family.



This Kenworth K123 began life in the hands of Buntine Roadways in the late 70’s and was employed in a livestock application before Rick Rowland from RGR purchased it in 1993.



The Rebuild

In need of some TLC, the truck was completely stripped and rebuilt with the help of the team at CJD Trucks in Forrestfield.

Powered by a 350 small cam Cummins on 6-rod suspension and fitted with a 15-speed direct transmission and dual speed Eaton diffs the old girl was a very different truck compared to Rick’s current T909 flagship shown below.



The Latest

RGR’s most recent delivery by the team at CJD trucks is the latest from Kenworth in the T909 range.



Custom built to RGR specifications, this machine is powered by a Cummins x15, has an 18-speed transmission and rides on air suspension. The sleeper also contains the latest in creature comforts ensuring their drivers have a much smoother run than Rick’s early days in the K123!

With their fleet now numbering more than 60 trucks – from small rigid to long distance prime movers, RGR Road Haulage has seen substantial growth over the years and CJD is proud to be part of the journey.


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