CJD is going Green 1

CJD is going Green

CJD is committed to responsible management of all our operations to achieve the least possible impact on the environment.

Our overall objective is to:

  • Reduce adverse impacts on the environment arising from the activities of our business by preventing environmental damage and minimising pollution, and
  • Ensure that an environmental risk analysis is performed for all activities that may have an impact on the environment and that work methods are created which will minimise harm


CJD is going Green 2


Our commitment extends to all our activities which may have the potential to adversely affect the environment. We aim to prevent environmental damage, minimise pollution, energy and resource usage and ensure that the principles of sustainable development are operated throughout all of CJD Equipment’s operations.


CJD is going Green 3


With this commitment in mind, in August 2016 we embarked on a programme to install solar panels at five of our largest energy consuming branches. This is a significant long term investment that will deliver important carbon savings to the environment and reduce our overall emissions. At this point, the installations have been completed at four of the five branches, with the final installation currently underway at our National Head Office in Perth.


CJD is going Green 4

Environment, every bit counts.

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