Kenworth Launches the T410SAR 1

Kenworth Launches the T410SAR

The best in the business just got better.

In yet another example of the benefits of local Australian application-engineering for Australian road transport operators, Kenworth extends its product offering with the release of the new T410SAR.

Driven by a continuous innovation and product development process, influenced heavily by customer and driver feedback, Kenworth has taken the features of the T410 and applied these and more to bring the all-new T410SAR to its customers – the best in the business just got better.


“Combining classic Kenworth styling with modern enhancements, the T410SAR complements the existing Kenworth product range and provides Australian and New Zealand customers with additional solutions for their application needs,” said Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing, PACCAR Australia.


Kenworth Launches the T410SAR 2


The new model combines the best attributes of both a cab-over and conventional truck, offering excellent manoeuvrability and visibility and like a cab-over, a minimal overall length, with the serviceability, ease of cab access, and low-tare weight of a bonneted truck.


“Of paramount importance in delivering new product is the need to maintain the exceptional performance, quality, durability and productivity for which Kenworth is renowned. Our extensive testing and validation process supports this, as does our own research and development, further enhancing product as innovations come to hand.”

“First released in 2016, the T410SAR is the latest evolution of the T610 platform with 2.1m wide cab. Further development of the platform has enabled us to refine and enhance many key elements in the T410SAR.

“This development has allowed us to bring a product to market with all the Kenworth hallmarks and more,” said Noelle Parlier, Chief Engineer, PACCAR Australia.

Offering better weight distribution with its set-forward front axle and classic Kenworth styling, the T410SAR delivers bigger payloads, a superior driver environment, improved fuel economy, and a greater choice of options. Specifically designed to provide for maximum payload under Australian regulations for 19m B-Double, most 19m Quad Dog applications, and car carrier specifications, the T410SAR offers a shorter bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) length of 2,850mm.

The versatile T410SAR is available in rigid, single, and multi-trailer combinations and is currently available in a 6×4 configuration, with car carrier and 8×4 configurations confirmed for release later this year. Rated at up to 70 tonnes GCM, it is ideal for local and interstate distribution and suitable for PBS and other heavy-duty applications. Built to last the distance, the durable T410SAR sets the benchmark for whole of life value and has been designed with customers’ requirements in mind.


“To develop a new product that meets the needs of our customers, consultation is paramount and is the foundation of its development. Sharing many of the same attributes as the T410SAR, feedback from customers on the performance and handling of the T410 has been positive, including feedback received from customers with an integrated PACCAR Powertrain, incorporating the PACCAR MX-13 engine and 12-speed transmission. The same combination being made available in the T410SAR,” added May.

For optimal driver appeal, the in-cab environment comes with a choice of premium traditional diamond pleat trim in a range of contemporary colours, or the smart new fleet spec trim. The T410SAR also boasts 4 sleeper cab options, a 600mm aero, 760mm mid-roof, 860mm aero, and for car carrier specifications, a new 600mm flat-roof sleeper due for release early in 2021.



Engine and Transmission

Powered by the PACCAR MX-13, the T410SAR is available in either 460 or 510 horsepower variants.  Since its introduction to the Kenworth range in the T409, the MX-13 has gained popularity and earned the respect of drivers and fleets alike. Its performance and responsiveness has delivered fuel economy and operational benefits, making it a leading contender against other 13 litre options. The 12v MX-13 provides exceptional levels of refinement and service simplicity. No longer requiring 24v-12v inverters, the electrical architecture is even more simple, durable, and cost-effective to service and maintain.

The T410SAR offers the operational advantages of the PACCAR 12-speed or Eaton 18-speed automated transmissions. Both integrating perfectly with the PACCAR 12v MX-13 engine. Designed from the ground up and first offered in the T410, the PACCAR 12-speed transmission features an aluminium main case, internal sensors and wiring, and helical-cut gearing. With a torque capacity of 1850lbft and rated to 50 tonnes GCM, the 12-speed transmission is smoother and ticks all the boxes in terms of class-leading weight, durability, and serviceability. Like the PACCAR 12-speed transmission, the Eaton 18-speed UltraShift Plus transmission delivers the performance and reliability needed for years of trouble-free operation and is available with a torque capacity of 1850lbft or 2050lbft and a rating of up to 70 tonnes GCM. Both automated transmissions are operated via a transmission stalk controller mounted on the right-hand side of the steering column, selecting various transmission modes and exhaust brake is easy with both the transmission and engine brake in one convenient location. Moving the transmission controller away from the dash has provided more space in front of the dashboard to allow easier movement around the cabin. The T410SAR also comes optioned with an 18-speed Eaton manual transmission.


Enhanced Safety and Visibility

Kenworth trucks are safer by design, application-engineered to meet customers’ exacting standards and specific needs. Kenworth continues to invest heavily in developing a safer working environment for road transport operators and all road users. In addition to the full EBSS safety suite, the T410SAR offers improved ingress and egress for the Kenworth driver, enhanced visibility within the cab and ergonomics to round out the safety offering for which Kenworth is known.

A trademark of the 2.1m cab, enhanced visibility has been achieved by the intelligent design of the windscreen, doors, and mirrors and the driver is in complete command, easily glancing at anything without having to turn or duck their head. The more expansive windscreen provides a panoramic view of the road and the large door windows allow for a first-class view to the side of the vehicle giving a full 180° view from the driver’s seat.

Large, adjustable, aerodynamic, multi-way power adjustable mirrors with high strength cast break-away brackets reduce mirror vibration and offer an optimal rear view of the vehicle. Intelligent mirror placement, sitting low on the cab also allows for an effective forward line of sight, both over the mirrors and between the mirror and A-pillar making for exceptional cross-traffic visibility. The use of asymmetric mirror arms place the mirror heads in optimal position for rearward vision while minimising any obstruction.

The T410SAR is available with state of the art collision avoidance and mitigation technology. The suite of technologies include active cruise with braking and lane departure warning working in harmony to take safety to the next level. It builds on existing critical active and passive safety design elements and overall ergonomics designed for comfort and control.


Inside the 2.1M Cab

The spacious 2.1m wide cab introduced with the release of T610, was designed with driver comfort and control in mind and offers more safety options, greater visibility, improved ergonomics, and space than those before it.

The instrument panel, switches, and controls have been positioned intuitively with dashboard instrumentation visible at a glance. Everything has been situated to allow drivers to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Toggle switches provide full control of systems such as engine brakes, engine fan, driver-controlled differential locks, and suspension dump valves. An optional 7” display provides access to satellite navigation systems, radio and media functions, and virtual gauges, unique to Kenworth. For enhanced ease of operation, cruise control and audio controls are on the steering wheel.

Driver comfort is enhanced by an advanced heating and air-conditioning system with automatic climate control, specifically designed for the variable extremes of the rugged Australian climate. Serviceability is a key, with easy access to the service items in the HVAC system.

LED interior lighting provides either bright or subtle lighting to reduce fatigue, using red lights and soft dash lights to minimise distracting glare when driving at night. A door-mounted floodlight allows safer ingress and egress of the cab and a rear cabin wall LED strip light provides a safe well-lit when connecting air lines and light coils in poor light conditions. To quickly identify non-functioning lights, a light check function is provided and can be activated via either the dash or button on the key fob.

Backed by Kenworth’s continued investment in local design and manufacture, the quality design and build of the T410SAR provides even greater levels of safety, versatility, performance, and quality. Providing peace of mind and exceptional owner and driver appeal. Couple that with an ongoing commitment to local research, application-engineering, innovation, and technology and Kenworth delivers the complete package.

Delivering the power and stability to handle higher payloads over longer distances, the T410SAR is the ideal fit for those wanting the best on-road solution for their transport needs.


Contact your local CJD branch in Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory for more information.


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