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Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

A modest scaffold yard in Myrtleford’s picturesque Victorian regional town still bears the name of Pacific Hire, now regarded as one of the state’s leading equipment hire specialists.


Today, its chief branches are based in Wangaratta and Somerton, where the business boasts a strong equipment rental hire fleet. New items are added weekly, ranging from small home equipment, mini loaders, excavators, compaction equipment, and generators to site amenities, telehandlers, scaffolds, traffic management, access equipment, and practically everything needed to get from the start of a job to the end.


But it all began in humble Myrtleford when the late Roland Carlassare grew sick and tired of friends asking to borrow his tools. In 1979, he founded a business that specialised in the leasing and hiring of equipment, an environment in which his children Raimond and Deanne, now company owners and directors, were raised.

Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

Earthmoving Equipment Magazine spoke to Pacific Hire General Manager Christian Grzankowski about the company’s rise to prominence and eventual move into heavy earthmoving machinery.


“The Carlassare kids were surely the envy of their mates because they had all the diggers a kid could want to play with, and with age, that still hasn’t changed,” Christian said.


“With our roots strongly secured in the Northern regions of Victoria and Southern regions of NSW, and offices based in Wangaratta and Melbourne, we are sure to get you the right equipment for your project, no matter where your job is based, what size your project is, or how complex it may be.”


Christian has had a long history in the hire industry, starting in 2007 with a couple of hire companies after a long stint for a decade or so in the tyre industry. “I had known Raimond through the industry, and in 2016, we brainstormed an opportunity over a coffee to expand Pacific Hire,” he said. “He said ‘let’s just start in the shed at Footscray and see where it ends up.

Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

“That was an understatement, for sure. We had no plans of building the business to what it is today, and we just rolled with the punches. “Our growth is not by fluke, but due to a lot of great people constantly putting in the effort to head in the correct direction on a daily basis. “We’re generally known for not just dipping our toes in the water; you’re either in or out and nothing less.” Pacific Hire’s success with smaller equipment encouraged it to delve into the heavy machinery market in 2021. And there was only one brand that Raimond wanted.


CJD Equipment’s regional sales manager for Metro and North East Victoria, Matthew Kozole, said Volvo was Raimond’s only choice when he walked into the office after his previous positive experiences with the manufacturer. “The Volvo equipment is a well-known top-of-the-range product, which had also previously been used by Raimond in an old logging company he used to own … so he loved the wheel loaders then, and still does now. And so too do our clients because demand for the Volvos is very strong,” he said.


“It was also an easy transition for Pacific Hire to bring in the Volvo product as their Melbourne location is not far from our own head office. “This meant ease of access for parts and service on top of the already well-established reputation of the Volvos.” It was the final piece in a jigsaw that now sees Pacific Hire as a complete hire company for almost every type of machinery.


“We cater for the home handyman right up to multi-storey construction builders and major projects such as the Level Crossing Removal work, Inland Rail, Metro and Westgate Tunnel projects, and the North East link upgrade,” Christian said. “We now offer equipment for all aspects of the industry, from jackhammers to full site setups with buildings, toilets, generators and light towers, excavators, rollers and access equipment.  “We have the largest ultra boom fleet in Victoria and NSW and the largest onsite caravan fleet in those states.


“If you need it, we generally have it. We cater to customers throughout Victoria, South Australia, and lower NSW. “Our attention to detail and the latest plant and equipment on the market, coupled with decades of combined staff knowledge of the hire industry and a strong focus on safety and the environment, will ensure the highest quality result for our clients,” Matt said Volvo and CJD followed company values that aligned with Pacific Hire’s priorities. “It’s very important that we maintain the strong relationship we have. Not only from the sale point of view, but also service: when machines break down, generally it could potentially be at 24-hour occupations or high infrastructure projects that need attention rather quickly,” he said.

Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

“So we ensure that we’re there when they need us, not only at the sale point but also with parts and service when required.” This service is well-regarded by Pacific Hire, with Christian saying that without this, “the brand is nothing”. “There is no doubt that Volvo excels at the product backing and service side of things,” he said. “CJD has always been on time to help us and never let us down, and they’ve been super helpful to the customers as well. “CJD knows the product backwards. They know everything they need to know about the products and then some.

“There is also a wide range of equipment from Volvo, so couple this with the service packages and product knowledge from CJD that is clearly above the rest, and brand acceptance from customers, all boxes are ticked.” Matt said Pacific Hire currently had “pretty much” the full suite of Volvo products available. “It started with Raimond purchasing one loader anWhat is Volvo’s CareTrack and ActiveCare Solutionsd has eventuated into various dump trucks and excavators in their fleet,” he said. “A favourite piece of equipment of mine is the big haulier. You just can’t beat driving past a major infrastructure project and seeing the Volvo dump truck zipping around site.”

Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

Indeed, when the magazine visited Pacific Hire, the range of Volvo products out for hire at the yard included:

  • 2 A30G articulated haulers
  • 1 A40G articulated hauler
  • 2 x ECR145EL 14t zero swing excavators
  • 1 x EC250DL 25t conventional excavator
  • 1 x ECR235EL 26t zero swing excavators
  • 2 x ECR355E 36t zero swing excavators
  • 3 x ECR18E mini excavators on trailers
  • 1 x L90H wheel loader
  • 3 x L120H wheel loaders


All the excavators deliver impressive bucket force, arm force, breakout force, and lift capacity to power through tough digging conditions. Strong and durable, comfy and ergonomic, high-performance mini excavators, their peak power and torque at low engine speeds make for efficient cycles, and there’s a wealth of innovative design features to get the most from every drop of fuel.


“Safety is paramount at Pacific Hire, and Volvo excavators meet the highest safety standards, ensuring compliance with all industry regulations,” Christian said. “And we’ve got the latest range of Volvo high-performance wheel loaders coming in as well, including the latest H-Series models. So we’re excited to see where that goes.”


Pacific Hire Equipment Solutions

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