Performance and Peace of Mind in Isuzu F Series 1

Performance and Peace of Mind in Isuzu F Series

During these times of uncertainty, nothing beats the comfort of knowing the capital equipment you’ve invested in will take care of business each and every time. That’s what the Isuzu Trucks’ medium-duty F Series range offers to the discerning buyer, with the enduring line-up’s proven performance and an accomplished safety suite.

With more than 30 consecutive years of Australian truck market leadership under its belt, as well as unsurpassed dominance in the medium-duty segment, the Isuzu Trucks brand is backed by a powerful legacy of fit-for-purpose product, built and delivered with a laser focus on reliability.

As the saying goes, there’s safety in numbers. And with one in four trucks on Australian roads bearing the Isuzu badge,* buyers can rest easy in the knowledge their business operations are backed by the safety and reliability of the country’s number one truck brand.

Performance and Peace of Mind in Isuzu F Series 2

Model pictured: FSR 120-240

Starting 1 July 2020 and running till 30 September 2020, the Isuzu Trucks F Series sales program is offering savings and peace of mind with selected medium-duty F Series models discounted.

Featuring no less than 11 cab-chassis variants from the FRR, FRD and FSR stables, customers can select from a 10-12 tonne GVM band, with all models powered by Isuzu’s highly efficient, 4HK1, four-cylinder, turbo-charged power plant.

There are substantial price savings across all featured models, with the heaviest reductions applied to the FRR 107-210 AMT.

Adding sweetness to this sales program is Isuzu’s Extended Care offering of a 5-year Factory Warranty and 5-year Roadside Assist applying to all eligible models.

Driving home that peace-of-mind message, Isuzu Trucks is also throwing in the first scheduled servicing free of charge (20,000 km).

Performance and Peace of Mind in Isuzu F Series 3

The driving force: Isuzu 4HK1

Common to the variety of F Series models included in this sales program is Isuzu’s highly economical and reliable 4HK1 engine.

One of the cleanest, most efficient Japanese diesel engines in its class, the Isuzu 4HK1 is the embodiment of advanced Japanese engine technology, and it is the smarts under the skin of many Isuzu light and medium-duty models.

The 4HK1 engine used in F Series models is a 5.2-Litre, high-torque, four-cylinder, two-stage turbocharged and inter cooled diesel engine. The lower displacement equates to excellent fuel economy when paired well to the application at hand.

Sporting a two-stage turbocharger with a combination of low and high-pressure turbochargers, torque levels are increased at low engine speeds.  In Medium Duty F-Series, this engine is available in two power ratings, 154 kW (210PS) and 177 kW (240PS). Easily exceeding the ADR 80/03 emission control requirements, the F Series variants of 4HK1 also comply with Japan’s Post New Long-Term (PNLT) emissions standard.

Performance and Peace of Mind in Isuzu F Series 4

To further complement efficient performance, the engine also boasts impressive fuel economy with features such as an incorporated Idle-Stop System that cuts engine use when the vehicle comes to a stop (for example at traffic lights).

The Isuzu 4HK1 is combined with either a six-speed manual transmission, or the Isuzu-exclusive Torque Converter Automated Manual Transmission (TC-AMT).  During times of possible slippage (e.g. taking-off from the lights), the torque converter redirects fluid and produces an increase in output torque. These smarts translate into better fuel economy, smoother driving and more efficient time on the road.


We’ve got your back

Businesses can’t afford to gamble with their livelihoods, especially not in the current COVID-19 climate—trucks need to perform reliably, safely and on repeat.

This understanding has guided Isuzu Trucks’ product strategy for the last three decades, and it has seen the F Series line-up develop a reputation as the choice for medium-duty road transport equipment operators.

When coupled with the Extended Care package in the current Isuzu Trucks F Series sales program, the choice is simple for medium-duty road transport operators looking to invest in a new truck.

Going with the proven safety and reliability of the number one truck brand in Australia can provide a peace of mind that money just can’t buy.

With the ongoing promotion including Extended Care in each eligible truck purchase, the 5-year factory-backed warranty and 5-year roadside assistance cover under Extended Isuzu Assist will promise you stress-free confidence, knowing your Isuzu F Series truck will work for you, while you work on your business.

*Market share according to Truck Industry Council T-Mark official industry delivery data



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