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Trucks and Relationships that Last

Colli Timber and Hardware and CJD Equipment


Founded in 1974, CJD Equipment is a privately owned Australian company and leading provider of world-class equipment and trucks.  Over the years, CJD’s product portfolio has continued to diversify and adapt which led to the company becoming the White Truck dealer for Western Australia in 1975.


Colli Timber and Hardware is a 100 percent Western Australian owned and operated business supplying timber and building materials to many of WA’s award-winning building companies. The company prides itself on building and upholding long-standing relationships with their clients so it is understandable that when they enter a partnership, a strong relationship is their number one priority.


The joint values of CJD Equipment and Colli Timber and Hardware are part of what makes the relationship so successful, not to mention the high-quality brands the companies represent that can be relied on for the long run.


Cesare Colli from Colli Timber and Hardware still remembers the day he drove away with his brand new White Road Boss Truck from CJD Equipment in August 1982.


CJD Equipment_White Truck_History


After building a longstanding relationship with CJD that began in 1977, Mr. Colli purchased the 1981 White Road Boss for $120,000 with the following specs:



Make : White
Model : Road Boss
Built : 1981
Engine : Cummins 400 Big Cam 3
G/Box : Road Ranger 13 Speed Double Overdrive
Differentials: Rockwell SSHD 4:11
Suspension : Six Rod



The trucked worked in logging from 1982 – 2004 towing single, b/double and road trains out of the state forest areas in Jarrahdale through to Pemberton. In 1992 the team at Colli Timber & Hardware gave the truck a birthday refresh as part of their corporate look overhaul.


CJD Equipment_Colli Timber_Truck Revamp

A fresh new look for the 10 year old White Road Boss.


From 2004 to 2013 of the trucks working life, it was fitted with a crane and used to deliver trusses and timber frames to building sites around Perth and the southwest of Western Australia. In 2006 the hard working and reliable truck was given another revamp to keep up with the company’s fresh new branding.


CJD Equipment_Colli Timber_Truck Revamp

Another revamp for the White Road Boss in 2006.


Retirement and Restoration

After a long and busy life, the truck retired in 2013 and has not been put to work since. In 2015 Mr. Colli decided to restore the legendary truck and return it to its original look. The team refit the sleeper and completely refurbished every aspect of the truck. The only aspect of the White Truck that could not be returned to its original state was the Grille so the company built a replacement. The gearbox was also modified to a Road Ranger 18 Speed Double Overdrive. Mr Colli estimates that the truck has traveled in excess of 2.5 million kilometres during it’s working life.


CJD Equipment_Colli Timber_Truck RevampCJD Equipment_Colli Timber_Truck Revamp CJD Equipment_Colli Timber_Truck Revamp














Colli Timber and Hardware not only purchased trucks but also a range of John Deere equipment from Lindsay Daniels, then a sales manager, who is still with CJD Equipment today as the National Product Engineering & Training Manager.


Cesare Colli says Colli Timber and Hardware had a great working relationship with CJD for many years, they not only purchased new and used equipment but also used the service department for maintenance and repairs and says the CJD team were enormously knowledgeable and helpful.


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