Waste in Action: The machine enabling green 1

Waste in Action: The machine enabling green

Purearth are working to address the problem of green and organic waste by providing organic solutions with the aid of its efficient fleet of Volvo machines.
“The problem of green and organic waste has always been there, but with state policy focused on removing organics from landfill, it’s never been more important to process food and organics into a solution,” Paul Curtis, Director of Purearth says.


Local governments are increasingly recognising the benefits of moving to a FOGO collection system. According to last year’s Western Australian Waste Authority Annual Report, a consistent three-bin kerbside collection system, which includes separation of food organics and garden organics from other waste categories, is to be provided by all local governments in the Perth and Peel region by 2025.


Curtis says this commitment will increase the attention of turning the problem of organic waste into a solution, by creating valuable nutrient-rich, compost and fertiliser. Along with his brother Sean, Curtis was ahead of the pack and developed Purearth’s operation in Perth over 20 years ago. “We were born with soil under our fingernails. As kids, we worked with mum and dad in the family landscaping supply business and now run both Purearth organic compost and Little Loads landscaping and garden supplies,” he says,


The goal of Purearth is to improve the earth by returning the goodness back to the soil. Purearth organic compost is made from a special mix of green waste and both liquid and solid organic waste. “We have a number of government contracts and supply this compost to soil yards and landscaping businesses, orchards and farms all over regional and metro areas of Western Australia,” Curtis says.


“Organic is something we all produce. Purearth collect it and give it a new lease of life as high-quality plant food. The process also unlocks carbon in the soil, meaning we can give future generations a more stable environment.”


Through the process of producing soil mixes, composts and mulches for everyone, from the backyard gardener to the professional landscaper, Purearth relies on its fleet of high-powered Volvo wheel loaders from CJD Equipment to consistently make, deliver, and apply a high-quality product for both its suppliers and customers.

Waste in Action: The machine enabling green 2

Purearth currently operates six Volvo wheel loaders at its Perth site. “They are used all day, every day from handling, preparation, to transfer. They are a vital asset to our daily operation,” Curtis says. Fourteen years ago, Purearth first introduced the machinery to its site and since then Curtis says he is constantly satisfied with the level of efficiency the Volvo wheel loaders provide.


“They continually perform and outweigh the benefits over other brands. We are able to focus on our business and our purpose to green waste solution rather than maintenance or machinery worries.”


Curtis says the company purchased the loaders from CJD Equipment, an Australian owned distributor of construction equipment and trucks for a variety of manufacturing and waste disposal industries. He highlights CJD’s product portfolio with Volvo that has continually added value to the Perth based operation.


“CJD has been great to work with, not just with supplying the loaders, but also with servicing and after-sales support,” Curtis says.

According to Curtis, owning a Volvo means peace of mind. “The low fuel consumption is highly impressive, and all our staff appreciate the ease and performance of our fleet, not to mention the powerful aircon that makes their job enjoyable in sweltering Perth heat!” he says. “Less downtime for service and more uptime for productive work. That’s how easy it is to summarise the advantages.”


There are currently plans to build Purearth’s fleet of H series Volvo wheel loaders. “We have two H series Volvo wheel loaders and look forward to adding more current H series models to our family as they are one of the marker’s cleanest and most reliable wheel loaders.”


Curtis says it’s important that the machinery and partnerships they create meet the company’s environmental purpose and values. “Our product and service is of the highest quality and we’re proud CJD and our Volvo wheel loaders contribute to our operation’s purpose to rejuvenate and help foster environmental balance.”


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