SDLG ER616F Sportscape's Choice in Compact Power, Reliable Quality 1

SDLG ER616F Sportscape’s Choice in Compact Power, Reliable Quality


In the dynamic landscape of construction and Landscaping, success often hinges on making informed equipment choices. Sportscapes, a leading player in the industry, recently acquired an SDLG ER616F excavator from CJD Equipment, exemplifying a strategic decision driven by performance, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering confidence in quality support.

Landscaping SDLG ER616F Mini Excavator

Versatility Meets Affordability SDLG ER616F

Sportscapes’ operations span two distinct entities: Sportscape Civil and Sportscape Constructions. They cater to various projects, from commercial landscaping and sports field installations to civil works like car parks and large-scale construction endeavours. With such a broad scope, their machinery must be equally versatile and resilient.

According to Luke Simpson, the director of Sportscapes, affordability was a pivotal factor in their choice of the SDLG ER616F. “Being a smaller machine, it gets used for everything, and they get hammered on the landscaping sites,” he candidly shared. The demanding nature of their work necessitated a compact yet powerful excavator that could withstand the rigours of tough terrain and less experienced operators.

Landscaping SDLG ER616F Mini Excavator

Confidence in Quality and Support with CJD Equipment

While cost-effectiveness played a role, Sportscapes’ decision was further solidified by its relationship with Volvo and CJD Equipment, instilling confidence in the SDLG brand and its support network. “We were drawn to the SDLG brand over others that we looked at, as we knew that we would have the service and support relationship with Volvo and SDLG that we have already,” Luke explained.

As Luke emphasised, this confidence in the brand’s backing was paramount: “We wouldn’t have gone with anything else that we didn’t have the confidence in the brand that was attached to it.”

Landscaping SDLG ER616F Mini Excavator

A Compact Reliability in Action SDLG ER616F

Currently, the SDLG ER616F excavator is showcasing its capabilities on a school landscaping project in Clifton Hill, demonstrating its versatility and reliability in real-world applications. As the smallest excavator in CJD Equipment’s lineup of SDLG excavators, the ER616F packs a punch with its 10kW/13hp Kubota engine and impressive excavation force of 15kN, allowing it to handle a wide range of tasks effortlessly.

Beyond the machine’s performance, Luke’s emphasis on customer service and support sets the SDLG machinery apart. “Matt, from CJD Equipment, has been excellent,” he praised. He’s quite patient and happy to support us as a business. Matt is confident in his ability to say what he will do and then do it well. He has always proven that’s the case. His after-sales support running through the machines when delivered on-site has been good.”

As Sportscapes looks to the future, with plans to expand their fleet and incorporate larger excavators, their experience with the SDLG ER616F and CJD Equipment’s exceptional service has solidified their trust in the brand, paving the way for continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of construction and landscaping projects.

Sportscape SDLG ER616F Mini Excavator


  • What are the key specifications of the SDLG ER616F excavator?

The SDLG ER616F is a 1.8-tonne mini excavator with a 10kW (13hp) Kubota engine. It has an excavation force of 15kN and features zero tail swing.

  • What type of engine does the SDLG ER616F use?

The ER616F is equipped with an energy-saving, fuel-efficient Kubota engine.

  • What is the warranty on the SDLG ER616F?

SDLG machinery, including the ER616F, comes with a three-year, 6000-hour warranty as standard.

  • Is the SDLG ER616F suitable for landscaping work?

Its compact size, zero tail swing, and ability to accommodate different attachments make it well-suited for landscaping projects.

  • What is the price range for the SDLG ER616F?

While prices may vary, one listing shows a 2024 SDLG ER616F priced at $33,000.00.

  • What are the main features of the SDLG ER616F?

Key features include high-quality hydraulic components for precise control, increased stability, and a compact design suitable for tight spaces.

  • Who provides support and service for SDLG excavators in Australia?

CJD Equipment provides nationwide support for SDLG machinery, including 24/7 sales, parts, and service support.

  • What type of hydraulic system does the ER616F use?

The ER616F features load-sensing hydraulics for smooth operation.

  • Is the SDLG ER616F suitable for farm work, Landscaping and tradies?

It’s marketed as a compact farm machinery option suitable for various applications.

  • What attachments can be used with the SDLG ER616F?

The excavator is designed to accommodate different attachments, enhancing its versatility for various tasks.

Those considering enhancing their landscaping operations with an SDLG wheel loader can contact your local CJD branch to explore the most suitable models and services. This partnership ensures access to reliable equipment and comprehensive support, essential for maximising productivity on the farm.

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