With Volvo’s support, Henson Sawmilling continues to grow 1

With Volvo’s support, Henson Sawmilling continues to grow

Henson Sawmilling was founded in the mid-1970s and it continues to be family owned and operated to this day. In 2005, it purchased a mill in Grafton on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Located on 100 ha, it processes over thirty species of logs that mostly end up as railway sleepers, bridge decks, garden timber and firewood.


Employing over 35 people and operating three twin edges, four saw benches and three firewood dockers, Henson Sawmilling has expanded its operations over the years and, as its grown, CJD Equipment has continued to support it as a reliable equipment supplier.


‘The relationship with CJD and Volvo is great – it’s always been that way, to be honest. We’ve been using their equipment for twenty years and it’s been faultless. You get to know the machines inside-out, back-to-front and all our guys love to operate them,’ Allen Henson said.


Henson Sawmilling first acquired two L70 Volvo wheel loaders back in 1999 and they’re still in use today. It recently added two new machines to its Volvo fleet.


Volvo EC220D excavator


‘In the last year, we’ve taken delivery of a new Volvo EC220D excavator and a Volvo L70F wheel loader. They’re invaluable additions to the fleet of Volvo machines, which now comprises of: six L70F loaders; three EC220D excavators; an EC210CL excavator; an EC240CL excavator; a L60F loader; a L90F loader; a L70BM loader; and a L70C loader. They’re essential, without them we couldn’t operate,’ Henson explained.


‘One of the things the guys love about their new EC220D is the hydraulic system – they’re smooth and great to operate.’


The Volvo EC220D excavator features provides operators with the power, controllability and versatility they require.


The electro-hydraulic system and main control valve (MCV) use intelligent technology to control on-demand flow and reduce internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. This provides shorter cycle times and improved fuel efficiency.


‘The low fuel usage is one of the bigger benefits, particularly these days with rising fuel prices,’ Henson noted.


The Volvo EC220D boasts a ten percent improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous model. It features Volvo’s state-of-the-art D6 diesel engine, which is seamlessly integrated with all the excavator systems. The premium six cylinder engine delivers high performance and low fuel consumption.

With Volvo’s support, Henson Sawmilling continues to grow 2

Volvo L70F wheel loader


Henson explains that the recently acquired Volvo L70F wheel loader does general work around the mill and that the range of Volvo attachments allows his operators to tailor the machine to the application and conditions.


‘It’s a versatile, high-performance machine. We mostly operate it with log grabs and fork attachments, but one of the things we love about it is that it gives us flexibility – it’s a great all-rounder. Whenever we need it, we know we’ve got a reliable machine,’ Henson said.


The Volvo L70F wheel loader’s environmentally-friendly engine has high torque near the idle speed, which delivers exceptional rimpull, low fuel consumption and minimal emissions.


It also features Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS): the operator simply chooses forward or reverse and APS selects the right gear based on the task and operating conditions. Moreover, APS adapts to the operator’s style and – because it always selects the right gear – saves fuel.


Volvo’s patented lift arm system TP-linkage combines high breakout torque and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range; it provides the operator with good control of heavy loads all the way up when loading.


One of the Volvo L70F wheel loader’s other notable features is its intelligent, load-sensing hydraulic system, which provides exact distribution of power when and where it’s needed, regardless of the engine rpm. The system makes the wheel loader easy to operate, saves fuel and assists the operator in controlling both the machine and the load.

With Volvo’s support, Henson Sawmilling continues to grow 3

The Volvo way


‘There are certain things that you might say we take for granted with the Volvo machines. I mean, you know when you jump into a Volvo excavator or wheel loader that it’s going to be comfortable. It’s clear that Volvo’s thought about operator comfort – it’s quiet and comfy and I can’t even tell you how important that is when you’re sitting in these machines day-in-day-out,’ Henson observed.


The Volvo EC220D excavator has prioritised all-around visibility and the spacious and safe environment has been built strong. It includes slim cab pillars, large expanses of glass, an adjustable seat and easy to access controls for reduced fatigue and increased productivity.


Similarly, the L70F wheel loader comes standard with Volvo Care Cab, which is essentially an ergonomically designed workplace. All instruments are easy to read and all the important information is grouped in front of the operator, while several seats and adjustable features make it easy to find a comfortable operating position.


The forward-reverse function is available both in the lever to the left of the steering wheel and in the hydraulic console for the right hand. With lever steering, Comfort Drive Control (CDC) – which is an optional extra – allows the operator to handle steering, shifting forward-reverse and kick-down with controls in the left armrest to avoid static muscle loads.


‘From a servicing and maintenance perspective, one of the great things is that between the loaders and excavators a lot of the parts and filters – the oil and fuel filter, for example – are the same, which really streamlines things. For a business like ours, it means we don’t have to hold tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock. Again, it’s just one of those things that makes Volvo and CJD Equipment a really valued partner,’ Henson remarked.


CJD Equipment has a network of branches and service centres that stretch across the nation, from Australian capital cities to regional country towns. This comprehensive network takes advantage of local knowledge, combined with the passion to provide quality support its customers.

With Volvo’s support, Henson Sawmilling continues to grow 4

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