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Wamuran Timbers & CJD Equipment

Shared values and a commitment to excellence undergirds Wamuran Timbers and CJD’s partnership

Wamuran, in south-east Queensland, is home to a family-owned and operated hardwood timber mill, Wamuran Timbers. Operating since 1987, the business harvests and processes local forestry timber, supplying a network of clients in the building and construction, timber and hardware and manufacturing industries. With orders to fill and deadlines to meet, Wamuran Timbers needs equipment it can depend on and, if something goes wrong, service it can rely on.


‘We ask a lot from our machines – it’s tough, demanding work,’ said Geoff Cavanagh, owner of Wamuran Timbers. ‘The SDLG LG946L wheel loader is our primary loader and it runs all day every day. It’s constantly unloading trucks and loading chip and sawdust onto trucks – that’s its primary application.’

Wamuran Timbers & CJD Equipment 2

The 12.7 tonne wheel loader is powered by a high torque, high performance and fuel efficient Weichai Deutz engine. It’s equipped with a smooth powershift transmission, making it the ideal utility machine. It has a robust structure and has been rigorously tested to ensure reliability in the toughest conditions.


‘What we love about the SDLG LG946L wheel loader is its versatility. In addition to the loading and unloading, we use it to shift logs around the mill and feed the log deck of the mill. It’s great to have a machine – one with exceptional lifting capacity – that’s capable of fulfilling multiple requirements we have in our operation,’ said Cavanagh.


The introduction of the LG946L wheel loader into Wamuran Timbers’ operation has been seamless and, thanks to a number of innovations, has helped improve productivity.


‘For us, one of the SDLG loader’s biggest selling points was the quick hitch mechanism, which meant it was already compatible with the Volvo loader attachments we already have. We often have to change between fork and bucket attachments and the fact that it’s easy and fast means we’re not wasting time fiddling around with it. Ultimately, it means less downtime and greater productivity,’ said Cavanagh.

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Wamuran Timbers has a long record of providing high quality products and exceptional service to its clients and it seeks out partners that share those same values. ‘As a Volvo owned company, we know we’re teaming up with a reliable partner that has the runs on the board,’ said Cavanagh.


It’s a relationship that doesn’t end at the point of sale. Working in a high demand and high-pressure environment, Wamuran Timbers needs to know it has the support it requires not just when things are going well, but also when things are tough.


‘This is our first purchase from CJD Equipment. Their pricing was competitive and, now that we’re on-board, we’ve found the staff and service techs very professional and always ready to help.


‘This SDLG loader has been a very good asset in the business and we couldn’t be happier.. We’ll definitely be turning to CJD again when it comes time to purchase more equipment – we look forward to continuing to partner with them into the future,’ said Cavanagh.

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