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Protect your investment with peace of mind at no extra cost with the latest genuine offer from Volvo.

Receive 3 Years / 6,000 Hours Warranty on any new or reman Genuine Volvo Major Component at NO extra cost. Major components include:

  • Engine & Transmission
  • Drop Box
  • Axle Assembly
  • Final Drive
  • Travel Motor
  • Swing Gear Box
  • Swing Motor
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Main Control Valve

 Offer available on all purchases between 1st July 2017 and 31st December 2017 – so make the most of it!


For added comfort get your Volvo major component fitted by a CJD factory trained technician & receive a Volvo ‘MATRIS’ report plus the latest software installed FREE of charge. ‘MATRIS’ is a computer downloaded report that gives you a clear view of your machine’s status. It contains valuable information such as machine utilisation, working cycle, fuel consumption, gear/time distribution and much more.

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Clever Tech Saves Farmers When Workers Can’t

The agricultural industry is the backbone of the Australian economy. From wool, to beef, to wheat, our farmers provide as much as 93% of our annual produce locally and contribute to our exporting income to the tune of more than $40 billion. Despite its significance within Australia, the agricultural community continues to suffer a high attrition rate of workers, with fewer young people carrying on the family business and fewer new recruits into the industry. So,…

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21st Century Farming: Where Heavy Machinery Matters

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Volvo Makes a Splash in Colorado

Whinnery Construction, a Colorado-based contractor, is employing Volvo excavators to ensure safe passageway for whitewater enthusiasts in the Animas River.

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