The Volvo EC950E Excavator

The Volvo EC950 Excavator

The Volvo EC950E Excavator Powerhouse – Revolutionising Australian Construction, Mining and Quarry Operations:


The Volvo EC950E Excavator

Volvo EC950 Excavator

In the fast-paced world of Australian construction, quarry and mining operations, the efficiency and safety of heavy machinery are paramount. Among the giants of this industry, the Volvo EC950E Excavator stands out as a beacon of engineering brilliance. This machine is not just about raw power; it embodies a perfect blend of strength and cutting-edge technology designed to easily tackle the most demanding projects, the “Volvo Advantage“.

Unleashing Power and Precision: The Volvo EC950E

The Volvo EC950E is a testament to engineering excellence and innovative design in heavy machinery. Boasting a formidable 450kW Volvo engine, this excavator delivers unparalleled digging force, making it exceptionally effective against hard and heavy materials. Its stability is unmatched, thanks to a wide track gauge, long track length, retractable undercarriage, and optimised counterweight, ensuring solid balance even in the most challenging environments. With advanced technology rooted in decades of engineering expertise, the EC950E is not just a machine; it’s a powerhouse of productivity and precision.

Volvo Addresses Key Pain Points in Construction, Mining and Quarry with their EC950 Excavator

Performance and Productivity

One of the biggest challenges in construction is maintaining high productivity while minimising downtime. The Volvo EC950E is engineered to excel in both areas. Its robust design ensures it can handle the toughest environments, significantly boosting project efficiency. This leads to fewer delays and more consistent progress, directly translating to cost savings and timely project completion.

• Power and Efficiency

The Volvo EC950 Excavator is powered by a robust 450kW Volvo engine built on decades of engineering experience, ensuring high productivity and superior performance 31 26 28 30. This model also features Volvo’s unique ECO Mode and an advanced electro-hydraulic system, which achieve outstanding fuel efficiency by optimising hydraulic flow and reducing losses in the hydraulic circuit.

The integration of these technologies allows the EC950E to perform various tasks with greater speed and efficiency, whether in quarrying, mass excavation, or other demanding applications.

Digging Force and Capacity

The EC950 Excavator stands out with its superior digging force, making it highly effective in tough applications involving hard and heavy materials. This capability is supported by constant high hydraulic pressure that delivers the necessary power precisely when needed. As Volvo’s largest crawler excavator, the EC950 boasts a high bucket capacity that significantly enhances on-site production, allowing for more tons per hour and increasing overall profitability and productivity.

Work Modes and Attachments

Volvo’s EC950 excavator offers unmatched flexibility and versatility through its range of attachments and work modes tailored to various job demands. The attachment management system allows operators to pre-set hydraulic flow and pressure from the comfort of the cab, ensuring optimal use of various attachments. Furthermore, the integrated work mode feature permits operators to select the best mode for the task at hand, ranging from Idle to Power max, which enhances the machine’s efficiency and adaptability to different working conditions. This combination of customisable settings and powerful performance tools ensures that the EC950E can easily tackle the toughest demands.

Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Features EC950 Excavator

The Volvo EC950E Excavator

The demand for sustainable machinery is higher than ever. The EC950 addresses this need with its exceptional fuel efficiency and eco-friendly features. Reducing fuel consumption lowers operational costs and minimises the environmental impact, aligning with the growing emphasis on green construction practices.

• ECO Mode and Fuel Consumption

The Volvo EC950 Excavator achieves outstanding fuel efficiency by integrating Volvo’s unique ECO Mode and an advanced electro-hydraulic system. ECO Mode optimises the hydraulic system by minimising the flow and pressure loss, significantly reducing fuel consumption. This model is complemented by intelligent technology that controls on-demand flow and reduces internal losses in the hydraulic circuit, ensuring that the excavator operates efficiently without compromising performance.

Additionally, operators have the flexibility to select the most efficient work mode for their specific tasks with options ranging from I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General), H (Heavy), to P (Power max). This choice allows for precise control over the machine’s operation, further enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing operational costs.

• Operator Safety and Comfort

Working hours can take a toll on operators, affecting their performance and well-being. The EC950 Excavator, with its ergonomic design and advanced safety features, prioritises operator comfort and safety. This focus ensures that operators can work longer hours without fatigue, maintaining high productivity levels while staying safe.

• Industry-Leading Cabin Design

Maximising operator productivity, the Volvo EC950 features a cab designed for comfort, spaciousness, and a low-noise environment. The cab’s ergonomic design includes large windows for greater visibility and large entrance doors, complemented by well-placed handrails ensuring safe 3-point contact. Additionally, the cab is supported on hydraulic dampening mounts to reduce shock and vibration levels, coupled with sound-absorbing lining to keep noise levels low, enhancing the overall operator experience.

• Visibility and Safety Enhancements

The EC950 includes several features to improve visibility and reduce risks for enhanced operational safety. Rear vision and optional side vision cameras minimise the risk of damaging the machine during manoeuvres on the job site. Furthermore, the upper house area is easily accessible and features well-positioned handrails and footsteps for secure three-point contact, increasing safety and accessibility. The upper house also boasts punched steel tread plates that provide reliable footing when inspecting the engine from above.

• Ergonomic Controls and Accessibility

The EC950 is designed with operator convenience in mind. All machine interfaces, including the joysticks, keypad, and LCD monitor, are ergonomically positioned for optimum control and efficiency. The operator’s seat is a testament to ergonomic design, offering 12 different adjustments and can be moved independently along with the joystick console to accommodate the operator. This thoughtful design ensures that operators can work efficiently and comfortably, even during long hours of operation.

Maintenance and Durability EC950 Excavator

The Volvo EC950E Excavator

Volvo image Crawler Excavator EC950E and Articulated Hauler A60H

Reliability is crucial in heavy machinery, and the EC950 does not disappoint. Its durable construction and easy maintenance mean fewer breakdowns and longer service intervals. This reliability reduces the total cost of ownership and ensures that the machine remains a valuable asset for years to come.

• Easy Access for Servicing

The Volvo EC950 Excavator’s maintenance is streamlined, with wide-opening compartment doors that provide easy access to essential maintenance points. These points are conveniently located and accessible via central and surrounding walkways, ensuring that service tasks can be performed quickly and safely.

• Durable Construction and Wear-Resistance

The Volvo EC950 is built to withstand the rigours of demanding applications, featuring a heavy-duty boom and arm and a strong frame structure. A built-in, heavy-duty plate shielding the machine’s underside provides additional protection. Volvo offers a heavy-duty bucket with wear-resistant steel plates for quarrying and mining, ensuring longevity and sustained uptime. A wide range of wear parts, including teeth, adapters, segments, side cutters, and shrouds, are available to protect the complete bucket, further enhancing its durability.

Volvo’s Advanced Technology EC950 Excavator

The Volvo EC950 Excavator has state-of-the-art technology, including sophisticated machine monitoring systems. These systems provide real-time data and insights, allowing for smarter decision-making and proactive maintenance. This technological edge ensures that the EC950 can adapt to evolving project demands, making it a versatile and intelligent choice for any construction site.


The Volvo EC950E Excavator Caretrack

Volvo’s CareTrack system is a state-of-the-art telematics solution designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the Volvo EC950 Excavator. This advanced system allows operators to monitor various machine parameters, including location, fuel levels, and total machine hours, providing crucial data to optimise operations.

CareTrack also seamlessly integrates with old and new machines, ensuring operators can achieve maximum efficiency regardless of the fleet’s age or composition. Furthermore, CareTrack offers different subscription levels: CareTrack Start, which is included with new machines, provides basic machine status information, while CareTrack Advance, available via subscription, includes detailed support for optimising production with data on load efficiency, performance, fuel consumption, and utilisation rates.

• Machine Monitoring

The GPS monitoring program within the CareTrack system works in conjunction with the machine’s diagnostic system, enabling remote tracking of usage, productivity, fuel consumption, and more. This capability maximises uptime and enhances the management of service and maintenance schedules. Real-time tracking ensures that operators are fully aware of the machine’s operational status and geographic location and even helps prevent unauthorised use. Additionally, the system provides the following:

• Important service reminders.
• Significantly reducing downtime by scheduling maintenance around operational needs.
• Thus, maintaining continuous productivity.

Volvo’s Commitment to Sustainability EC950 Excavator

The Volvo EC950E Excavator
Volvo’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its rigorous testing and development process, which ensures the production of well-engineered components that are purpose-built for the job and proven reliable in the toughest applications. This commitment extends to the company’s core values, emphasising safety, environment, and operator comfort.

Volvo aims to lead the industry in fuel economy with its engine, which is noted for its high kW rating and high torque at low RPMs. This engine design contributes significantly to the EC950E’s outstanding fuel efficiency, enabling it to offer the best m3 per litre production in its class. This efficiency not only reduces the cost of production but also aligns with Volvo’s goal to reduce the environmental impact and promote a more sustainable construction industry.


The Volvo EC950 Excavator is a pinnacle of engineering excellence. It combines raw power with cutting-edge technology to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction and quarry operations. Its robust engine, unparalleled operational efficiency, and commitment to sustainability and operator comfort make it an indispensable asset for any project.

If you’re ready to elevate your operations with a machine that delivers unmatched productivity, reliability, and eco-friendly performance, now is the time to act. Contact CJD Equipment today to learn how the Volvo EC950E can transform your construction, mining, or quarrying projects. Embrace the future of heavy machinery and ensure your projects are completed on time, within budget, and with the highest efficiency and safety standards.

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