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Building for Disaster: How to Disaster-Proof Commercial Buildings

Costa Rican hurricanes, Mexican earthquakes and monsoons in Bangladesh have recently left whole communities and commercial centres devastated around the world. However, natural disasters are not unique to developing nations. Here in Australia, we are no strangers to our own share of devastating blows from mother nature, most often in the forms of cyclones, flooding and out-of-control bushfires. It seems that after each natural disaster event, local governments reinforce their civil construction legislation to mitigate the…

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Volvo Launches Own Range of Rigid Haulers

Volvo CE is set to enter the rigid hauler market with a complete Volvo-branded range. Using the expertise of its Motherwell facility in Scotland, the range consists of four machines, starting at the 45-ton R45D and extending up to the flagship 100-ton R100E. Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced that it will enter the rigid hauler market with its own Volvo brand of rigid haulers in the second quarter of 2018. The development of the…

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How to Avoid Common Commercial Construction Delays

Today’s construction landscape is marred by time and cost pressures and seemingly ever-decreasing profit margins. Construction cost blow-outs can usually be traced back to one particular issue: delays. The ability to finish a construction project on time can have a significant impact on its cost, and keeping the budget on track means avoiding some of the most common causes for delay. Here, we take a look at some of the key areas for concern when it…

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