Volvo L220H and L180G wheel loaders – Operator Review

Enhanced safety with increased productivity and outstanding fuel economy are reasons why a Tasmanian timber company specified two new Volvo wheel loaders to manage their high throughput log yard operation. Timberlink’s modern Bell Bay operation is the only large-scale forest integrated softwood plantation and sawmilling company in Tasmania producing a wide range of commodities. Its product mix includes structural framing, outdoor structural framing, fencing, landscaping, decorative timbers and industrial supplies. The company directly employs over 200…

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The Emergence of the Fleet Ecosystem

While certain industries have enjoyed significant restructure and change thanks to the advent of autonomous technology, as yet, fleet service management remains rather entrenched. However, artificial intelligence has the potential to take us beyond the current operating procedures and into new opportunities that many fleet managers are only beginning to consider. Transportation scientists are hoping that the fleet ecosystem will embrace “not only the vehicle, but also the occupants of the vehicle – the mobile workers…

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Construction to Better Align with Road and Rail in Revision to SPP5.4

Along with traffic, commercial activities and licensed venues, both the construction and transport industries are subject to noise restrictions which protect the wellbeing of residents and land users. The construction industry in particular has been experiencing a boom across both residential and non-residential sectors in certain Australian cities over the past decade and, as always, the associated noise is a significant concern to local councils during these times. Construction-related noise, including demolition, maintenance and building works…

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