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Volvo CE expands global Fluid Analysis offer

Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced the Fluid Analysis Program, building upon its existing Oil Analysis Solution. This comprehensive service now covers lubricants, diesel fuels, AdBlue, and coolants, offering several key features:

Fluid Analysis Program uses Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, Volvo Construction Equipment’s platform-driven fluid analysis system represents a groundbreaking advancement in machinery maintenance. The AI-powered system performs real-time analysis, continuously monitoring the condition of essential fluids. This continuous monitoring ensures that any changes or anomalies are immediately detected.

The system’s AI algorithms are highly precise and accurate by design. Unlike conventional methods that rely on periodic manual sampling and testing, the AI-driven system operates seamlessly, swiftly detecting even subtle variations in fluid conditions. It can instantly identify fluctuations in viscosity, temperature and chemical composition. AI technology can differentiate between normal variations and critical issues, providing precision that human analysis alone cannot match. This precision ensures the system identifies potential problems before they escalate into significant concerns.

By acting as an early warning system, the AI-driven fluid analysis empowers equipment operators and maintenance teams with timely information. It enables them to proactively address how wear metals, contaminants, and fluid conditions change, thus preventing costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

Beyond immediate detection, the system also generates predictive insights. Analysing historical data and trends can forecast when specific components require maintenance or replacement. This predictive capability enables a more efficient and cost-effective maintenance schedule.

Advancements to the Fluid Analysis Program

Volvo CE’s commitment to advancing its Fluid Analysis program extends beyond introducing the AI-technology. In a move that underscores Volvo’s dedication to enhancing customer service and global reach, the company has embarked on an ambitious program expansion. This expansion is poised to reshape the landscape of equipment maintenance and diagnostic capabilities.

Volvo has a 250% increase in global testing capacity, representing a substantial investment in infrastructure, with the establishment of 20 fully equipped laboratories worldwide. This expansion initiative extends Volvo CE’s footprint to critical regions and markets, ensuring that their customers, regardless of geographic locations, have access to top-tier fluid analysis services.

The addition of these new laboratories significantly reduces turnaround times, reducing shipping costs and reduced transit times for fluid analysis.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis Cloud-based customer portal

Volvo CE’s digital transformation is pivotal in modernising its Fluid Analysis program. This transformation includes a cloud-based customer portal and a dedicated Fluid Analysis mobile app fortified by AI data analysis power.

The cloud-based customer portal is the central hub for managing fluid analysis data. Customers gain secure, centralised access to all their fluid analysis data, historical reports, and recommendations from anywhere in the world. This program eliminates the need for physical paperwork and manual record-keeping.

The portal provides real-time updates on the condition of their equipment’s fluids. This immediate access empowers customers with timely insights, allowing them to respond swiftly to emerging issues.

The intuitive interface ensures that customers can easily navigate and interpret the information regardless of their technical expertise. This user-friendliness extends to generating reports and accessing historical data.

The Fluid Analysis mobile app lets users conveniently register fluid samples from anywhere. Users can receive timely notifications when reports are available, ensuring they stay informed even when they are on the move.

The Fluid Analysis program represents a paradigm shift in how customers manage and maintain heavy machinery. The combination of a cloud-based customer portal, a mobile app, and AI data analysis empowers customers with the tools they need to make informed decisions, streamline maintenance processes, and maximise the efficiency and longevity of their equipment.


Lower your total cost of ownership with the new Fluid Analysis Program

The enhancements introduced by Volvo CE in its Fluid Analysis program provide proactive equipment maintenance and cost management. These improvements offer customers the tools and insights needed to preemptively address two critical factors affecting heavy machinery: contamination and wear.

The AI-driven system’s ability to swiftly identify contaminants ensures that even minor contamination issues are detected promptly. Whether it’s dirt, moisture, or unwanted particles, early detection minimises the chances of these contaminants causing damage to vital machinery components.

This comprehensive approach brings a multitude of benefits. Routine fluid analysis can reduce downtime by up to 15%, providing valuable insight for proactive maintenance. The increased testing capacity and intuitive reporting offered by Volvo’s Fluid Analysis program make it easier for customers to make informed decisions about lubricants, coolants, and diesel fuels. The result is improved uptime, predictive maintenance actions, and a lower total cost of ownership, all contributing to enhanced equipment performance.

Services Fluid Analysis

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