Studies Show Young Australians ‘Oblivious’ to Mining Industry Careers

You’d have difficulty finding an Australian who doesn’t have a friend or family member working in the mining industry. In fact, mining and METS account for one in every 10 jobs in the country. Over recent years, the boom of mining has seen many school leavers and other young people seek out a mining career, thanks largely to its high wages. Retraining by slightly older workers has also added to the pool of mining employees. Despite…

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Kenworth Legend 900 - more than just a truck 1

Kenworth Legend 900 – more than just a truck

There is no doubt that the limited-edition Kenworth Legend Series trucks are special. What makes them so special is often a simple story close to the owner’s heart. This is one of those stories… When Kenworth released the Legend 950 in 2015, the complete limited-edition production run was sold in under 48-hours. Two years on, in early 2017 and whispers of second Legend model ran excitedly through the transport industry. For many trucking enthusiasts, the classic old-school lines blended…

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The Rise of Prefab and Modular Construction

  If you’ve spent much time tuning into home-building reality shows like Grand Designs, you’ll be aware of the ever-growing trend of prefab construction. Residential and, in fact, commercial home construction techniques have remained largely unchanged for much of the last century, and this revolution in building strategy has caught the attention of the industry as a result. Offering a range of benefits, prefab construction is set to take the residential and commercial construction landscape by…

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