E660FL Excavator from SDLG at AgQuip

Reliability and versatility in action – Introducing the new E660FL excavator from SDLG

SDLG’s renowned mini excavator lineup delivers exceptional reliability, simplicity of operation, minimal maintenance, and unbeatable value. Australian customers can experience this reliability firsthand as national distributor CJD Equipment introduces three SDLG mini excavator models – ER616F, ER636F and E660FL

With a global reputation for reliability, SDLG, a member of the Volvo Group since 2007, leverages over 50 years of industry expertise and Volvo’s design influence to offer cost-effective, dependable machinery known for its user-friendly operation and easy maintenance across 130+ countries.

“The latest models come equipped with features typically offered as add-ons with other machines, positioning SDLG as an outstanding value-for-money option. When you consider SDLG’s well-established reputation for being straightforward, dependable, and easy to operate, SDLG excavators will probably become a preferred choice among astute buyers,” highlights Andrew Egan, the National Product Manager for SDLG at CJD Equipment.


E660FL Excavator from SDLG

The E660FL Specifications

The E660FL excavator, weighing 6 tonnes and equipped with a 39kW/52hp engine, is the most substantial option among the new excavator models introduced by CJD Equipment. Recognised for its dependability and operator comfort, this excavator boasts a reduced tail swing, a spacious cab, and a compact design. Additionally, it incorporates new technology to minimise vibrations and noise, making it well-suited for a wide range of landscaping and general construction tasks.

Coupled with ROPS and OPG2 protection, a high-quality digital instrument display, a suspension seat and air conditioning, these features ensure the ultimate level of comfort and safety for operators.

The E660FL has nine distinct work modes and an automatic idle feature, enabling instant power availability as needed. It combines an energy-efficient hydraulic system and a highly effective four-cylinder Yanmar T3-rated engine, ensuring a blend of high-performance capabilities and impressive fuel efficiency. Engineers have designed this excavator’s load-sensing hydraulic system to deliver performance and efficiency. It features a variable piston pump that provides precise control across a broad spectrum of operations.

Inside the machine of the E660FL Excavator from SDLG


The E660FL boasts a compact yet robust structure with minimal noise, catering to various applications. Its versatility shines through with different attachments and customisable options, enabling operators to tackle multiple tasks efficiently. The E660FL is known for its controllability and precision, ensuring high work efficiency that meets the demands of today’s dynamic construction sites.

Similar to other SDLG excavators in the range, the E660FL aims to reduce maintenance requirements through its design significantly. It strategically groups critical components, filters, and electrical systems for convenient ground-level access, streamlining maintenance procedures. Furthermore, all vital components within the engine and hydraulic systems are carefully selected from globally acclaimed manufacturers, ensuring top-tier reliability.


The cab of the E660FL Excavator from SDLG

CJD Equipment’s partnership with SDLG

CJD Equipment has offered SDLG wheel loaders in the Australian Market for over ten years and has proven successful in various applications.

“CJD Equipment has been distributing SDLG wheel loaders in Australia for over ten years, and in that time, our customers have experienced great success with the product in several different industries, including waste and recycling, agriculture, timber plants, and general construction. The general feedback is that they are extremely reliable, simple to operate and versatile.”, explains Andrew.

The SDLG lineup of compact excavators presents an excellent choice for customers in the Australian Market seeking a high-quality product at an attractive price point. Moreover, every new SDLG machine includes a standard 3-year, 6000-hour warranty, further enhancing its value proposition.

The longstanding partnership between SDLG and CJD Equipment assures customers access to dependable and seasoned local post-sales assistance. With branches of CJD and SDLG dealers strategically positioned across Australia, from major metropolitan areas to rural communities, a comprehensive 24/7 parts and service support network is readily available.

E660FL Excavator from SDLG

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