Kenworth Releases New T610 Sleeper Cab Option 1

Kenworth Releases New T610 Sleeper Cab Option

Following the introduction of the T610 and T610SAR in early 2017, Kenworth announced today the release of a 760mm mid roof sleeper cab, complementing its existing day and 860mm sleeper cab options and providing customers with even more choice. The new sleeper cab option is suitable for many different applications including 19m tippers, tankers, and 19m B-double applications.   The ‘Best Truck Yet’   Designed from the inside out in a decade-long development process, the T610…

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The Emergence of the Fleet Ecosystem 2

The Emergence of the Fleet Ecosystem

While certain industries have enjoyed significant restructure and change thanks to the advent of autonomous technology, as yet, fleet service management remains rather entrenched. However, artificial intelligence has the potential to take us beyond the current operating procedures and into new opportunities that many fleet managers are only beginning to consider. Transportation scientists are hoping that the fleet ecosystem will embrace “not only the vehicle, but also the occupants of the vehicle – the mobile workers…

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Construction to Better Align with Road and Rail in Revision to SPP5.4

Along with traffic, commercial activities and licensed venues, both the construction and transport industries are subject to noise restrictions which protect the wellbeing of residents and land users. The construction industry in particular has been experiencing a boom across both residential and non-residential sectors in certain Australian cities over the past decade and, as always, the associated noise is a significant concern to local councils during these times. Construction-related noise, including demolition, maintenance and building works…

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Why young hires are good for business

Why Young Hires Are Good for Business

The U.S. housing bubble seems a distant memory nowadays. However, it did a great deal of damage to the construction industry, with house prices falling 50% and more between 2005 and 2012. Even skilled construction workers found it hard to find new contracts when the bubble collapsed. A general recession followed, and this had a knock-on effect to U.S. mining because of subsequent lower demand for minerals. While Australia largely dodged worldwide downturns such as the…

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