SDLG H-Series Wheel Loader

SDLG H-Series Wheel Loaders

The new SDLG H-Series wheel loaders are an exceptional addition to an impressive line-up. They combine durability with superior comfort, fuel efficiency, and productivity.

For 11 years of its 50-year history, CJD has distributed SDLG (Shandong Lingong Equipment) to the Australian market. With the latest addition to the H-series range, that market has taken another step in technological advancement.

“CJD Equipment has been distributing SDLG wheel loaders in Australia for over 11 years, and in that time, our customers have experienced great success with the product in a number of different industries, including waste and recycling, agriculture, timber plants, and general construction” explains Andrew Egan, the National Product Manager for SDLG at CJD Equipment.

“The SDLG and CJD Equipment partnership gives our customers a robust and reliable product with proper aftersales support. We offer 24/7 sales, parts, and service support nationwide, from Australian capital cities to regional towns.”

The CJD offering of SDLG wheel loaders consists of five models ranging from the LG918 with 77hp through to the 217hp L958F, including three new H-Series models – the L936HLA, L938H, and L946H. Their proven track record makes SDLG wheel loaders a trusted choice for Australian operations, and they are now available in Australia.

Efficient and manoeuvrable: L936HLA 11-tonne wheel loader
The first new machine in the SDLG H-Series line-up is the 11-tonne, 105kW/141hp, L936HLA wheel loader. The L936HLA features a bucket capacity of up to 1.8 cubic metres and a rated load of three tonnes. The rear axle-rated load capacity has been improved by 25 per cent, offering more outstanding durability and increased productivity.

This loader has a small footprint, making it manoeuvrable, and is perfect for removal jobs and utility work.

Redefining efficiency: SDLG H-Series wheel loader of the midsized L938H

Replacing the older LG936L model, the new  L938H wheel loader has a bucket capacity of 2.1 cubic metres and operates on a four-speed power shift transmission. It features a 6.75-litre six-cylinder T3 engine providing 105kW of power at 141hp. This makes the L938H wheel loader ideal for transporting and loading loose material like sand and soil, feedlots, and general material handling.

The all-new L938H wheel loader features an ergonomically designed cab focusing on comfort. It also has a range of safety features that make it easier for the operator to use.

The L936HLA and L938H also include an automatic bucket and boom kick-out function to ensure optimal productivity during load carrying.

SDLG H-Series Wheel LoaderThe new SDLG H-series wheel loader, the L938H, has a bucket capacity of 2.1 cubic metres and operates on a four-speed power shift transmission. Image: CJD Equipment

Reliability redefined: SDLG H-Series wheel loader L946H 13-tonne.

At 13 tonnes and with a 173-horsepower engine, the L946H wheel loader can reach a top speed of 36km/h. It has a four-tonne rated load capacity and a 2.3 cubic metre bucket specifically designed for heavy-duty work.

“The L946H is our most popular selling model,” Andrew says. “The reason for that is twofold—one, it’s value for money, and two, it’s versatile. Its size is a sweet spot that suits several segments, and it can be used for batch plants, quarries, feed lots, material handling, and anything related to general construction.”

Along with its high load capacity, the SDLG L946H wheel loader boasts a small turning radius, making it well suited for heavy load and bulk material handling applications. The L946H features an optimised frame and boom structure for increased stability and manoeuvrability and a “high torque, fuel-efficient” Weichai Tier 3 engine for powerful performance, reliability, and extended maintenance intervals for reduced running costs.

“What makes this machine so reliable is a mix of notable working components,” Andrew says. “It has a simple, easy-to-use electronic system for every worker and a tropical cooling package for working in harsh conditions.”

Enhanced productivity and safety: SDLG H-Series wheel loader

The features customers have come to expect from SDLG regarding durability and comfort are all offered in their new H-Series range, with several improvements in the cab for enhanced productivity, reliability, and uptime. These include extra air vents for an enhanced operator experience, improved sealing performance, and an upgraded seat suspension for greater comfort. The loaders include a wraparound pillarless front and rear windscreen for clear visibility and fully certified ROPS/FOPs rollover protection.

SDLG H-Series Wheel Loader

“SDLG wheel loaders have all the necessary safety features in the cab, along with an ergonomic, comfortable, low-noise environment that keeps operators alert and happy,” says Andrew. “The new models are very versatile, thanks to the factory-fitted quick coupler and third-function hydraulics, which can accommodate various attachments, making the machine very simple to use.”

The new H-Series wheel loaders also feature a high torque, fuel-efficient six-cylinder engine for powerful performance, superior reliability, and low maintenance that’s easily accessible for daily checks and service. Moreover, all new SDLG machines come standard with a generous three-year/6000-hour warranty, making them an excellent option for customers looking for a premium product at a competitive price.

Alongside the latest H-Series models, the line-up continues to feature the compact six-tonne LG918 (58kW/77hp) and the robust 17-tonne L958F (162kW/217hp), which remains the largest wheel loader in the range available for purchase as new, maintaining its place in CJD’s SDLG wheel loader offerings.

Practical Applications in Various Industries

In agriculture, the SDLG H-Series wheel loaders demonstrate their unmatched efficiency and safety, particularly the L958F model, which excels in heavy-duty tasks such as bulk handling feed, grain, and hay. This capability positions it as a superior alternative to traditional tractors with front-end loader (FEL) attachments, enhancing productivity and ensuring safer operations for agricultural professionals 2 3.

Landscaping professionals across Australia have also come to rely on the SDLG H-Series wheel loaders for their projects. The series’ popularity in this industry stems from its reliability, ease of operation, minimal maintenance requirements, and exceptional value for money. These attributes make SDLG loaders preferred for landscapers seeking efficient and dependable machinery to support their work 5.

  • Agriculture:
    • Model Highlight: L958F
    • Essential Tasks: Bulk handling of feed, grain, and hay
    • Advantages: Higher productivity and enhanced safety compared to tractors with FEL attachments 2 3
  • Landscaping:
    • Key Attributes: Reliability, simple operation, low maintenance, value for money
    • Benefit: Preferred choice for landscapers needing efficient and reliable machinery 5

This integration of SDLG H-Series wheel loaders across various industries underscores their versatility and capability to meet the diverse needs of professionals in Australia’s construction, agriculture, and landscaping sectors.

After-Sales Support and Warranty

In reinforcing the reliability and customer satisfaction associated with the SDLG H-Series Wheel Loaders, SDLG and CJD Equipment provide unparalleled after-sales support and warranty, ensuring that customers experience minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

  • Warranty Coverage:
    • All new SDLG H-Series Wheel Loaders and mini excavator machines come with a standard 3-year/6,000-hour warranty, showcasing SDLG’s confidence in the durability and quality of their machinery 1 5 7.
  • Nationwide Support Network:
    • CJD Equipment’s extensive national branch and dealer network facilitates warranty support and after-sales service. This includes major cities and regional towns across Australia, such as Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Launceston, and more, ensuring that help is always within reach 2 6.
  • 24/7 Sales, Parts, and Service Support:
    • CJD Equipment offers round-the-clock sales, parts, and service support, further enhancing the value of SDLG machines. This commitment to customer service ensures that SDLG machinery owners receive prompt and effective support whenever needed, minimising operational disruptions 4 6.

The synergy between SDLG and CJD Equipment in providing a robust warranty and comprehensive after-sales support underlines their commitment to customer success and satisfaction 3 7.


What are the main benefits of using a wheeled loader? Wheeled loaders offer several advantages, including a high carrying capacity and versatility for various tasks. They are easy to operate, have reduced operating costs, and come in multiple sizes. Additionally, they require low maintenance and can complete tasks quickly on job sites due to their capacity and flexibility.

What is the primary function of a wheel loader in construction and other industries? A wheel loader is a type of heavy machinery designed to load and transport materials on a job site. It can handle a range of materials, from fine sand to large rocks and demolition debris. While commonly used in construction, wheel loaders are also essential in agriculture and industrial cleanup efforts.

Can you explain what an SDLG loader is? SDLG, which stands for Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery, is a globally recognised manufacturer and supplier of earthmoving and construction equipment. It is the world’s number-one manufacturer of wheel loaders.

Could you provide a brief history of SDLG? Established in 1972, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (SDLG) is a prominent international construction machinery producer that is designated a national-level high-tech company. SDLG offers a wide range of products, including loaders, excavators, and pavement construction machinery, with over 100 different kinds in its portfolio.










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This article first appeared in Earthmoving Equipment Magazine.

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