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Introduction to Connected Map: Unveiling Volvo’s Innovative Positioning Service

Volvo Construction Equipment recently introduced the innovative Connected Map solution. This cutting-edge positioning service offers a comprehensive visual representation of job sites, encompassing all machinery and vehicles present, including those not of the Volvo brand.

Knowing the precise location of equipment on a job site cannot be overstated when it comes to enhancing productivity, especially as industries of all types are experiencing growth in size and scope.

Connected Map represents a real-time fleet management and personnel oversight solution seamlessly accessible to all team members. This advanced feature is accessible via Volvo Co-Pilot, on smartphone devices and in the office via the Office Portal web platform. The key attraction of this solution lies in its ability to provide complete visibility of job sites.

Introduction to Connected Map: Unveiling Volvo's Innovative Positioning Service 1

Complete Jobsite Visibility: A Game-Changer for Operators using Connected Map

“Connected Map gives users the ability to access a live overview of the position of every machine, vehicle and visitor on a connected site, greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity,” states Hayden Grant, National Product Manager for Volvo CE at CJD Equipment. “For site managers, the Office Portal offers complete visibility of job sites, providing all the necessary information to optimise traffic flow for maximum productivity.”

The Connected Map system extracts positioning data from the machine’s telematics or the operator’s smartphone, equipped with a SIM card, and uploads it to Volvo’s cloud-based platform. Regardless of the branding on the equipment or whether it belongs to a visitor on-site. Connected Map visualises the position of any unit equipped with the app, making their location visible in either Volvo Co-Pilot or on a smartphone. Temporary site visitors also can access the app in the same way, enabling easy site familiarisation.

Volvo recommends fitting them with a generic/non-Volvo Co-Pilot with the Map App for non-Volvo machines commonly found on job sites. Available for purchase through CJD Equipment as an aftermarket option.

Connected Map visualises various job site features and landmarks, including roads, loading and dump zones, speed limits and restricted areas, ensuring operators can navigate the site efficiently and safely. It also identifies points of interest, such as offices, workshops, and fuel stations, which can be particularly valuable for new or temporary operators. Additionally, single-lane sections can be defined on the Map, alerting operators to approaching machinery within these areas to avoid traffic congestion.

Furthermore, improving the efficiency of transportation operations can lead to reduced travel times, less material mixing, decreased fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Introduction to Connected Map: Unveiling Volvo's Innovative Positioning Service 2

Real-time Fleet and Personnel Management: Making Operations Efficient with Connected Map

For site managers, the Office Portal function of Connect Map streamlines the management of more significant sites and even enables the simultaneous oversight of multiple locations. In addition to visualisation options, it allows site managers to respond promptly to changing site conditions. “Site managers can implement measures like one-way traffic or restricted zones,” explains Hayden, “they can quickly modify changes and communicate these instantly to all users, enhancing awareness, reducing accidents and boosting productivity.”

Search Functionality: Finding Machines and Personnel in Real Time with Connected Map

Connected Map users can easily access the positional data of their equipment through the technology’s search functionality, which provides real-time location information, with the last known position available for up to thirty days.

“Connected Map simplifies site familiarity for operators, helping them to track the whereabouts of everyone, including visitors,” Hayden adds, ultimately promoting smoother, safer and less stressful operations.

Getting Started: Partnering with CJD Equipment for Implementation

To access the Site Map application, users can download it free from the App Store or Google Play. For those interested in implementing Connected Map and the Office Portal in Australia, contact your local CJD Equipment branch for more information and support.

Introduction to Connected Map: Unveiling Volvo's Innovative Positioning Service 3

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