The Bigger Picture with Volvo Co-Pilot 1

The Bigger Picture with Volvo Co-Pilot

The construction industry is experiencing a dynamic era of rapid innovation with new technologies changing how we work and communicate. As operations continue to grow in both size and scale, the shift towards strategic partnerships between manufacturers and customers is now more important than ever.

More visibility brings insight, additional opportunities for growth and improvement, and new capabilities to proactively manage operations and enhance site safety and efficiency. Reliable telematics systems and connected technologies are becoming an extremely valuable tool to ensure the day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible for both site managers and operators. Having the knowledge of where equipment is located on site and how it is performing at any moment ensures maximum uptime, efficiency, and productivity.

Volvo Construction Equipment has developed Volvo Co-Pilot, your partner in the cab. An intelligently designed interactive display available as an option on select Volvo machinery, Volvo Co-Pilot offers real-time insights into work being performed to ensure the highest standard of efficiency and accuracy in any application.

But Volvo Co-Pilot can’t do it alone. The interactive display works simultaneously with Volvo Assist, a suite of applications designed and developed exclusively by Volvo CE to unlock full machine and operator, performance potential. Volvo Assist includes Dig Assist for excavators, Load Assist for wheel loaders, and Haul Assist for articulated dump trucks, along with a suite of other connected technologies.

First released in 2016, Volvo Construction Equipment is continuously expanding the Co-Pilot’s functionalities, and are committed to ongoing future development of the system, focused on giving the operator and site manager all the tools and information they need to create and maintain a sustainable, highly productive, and profitable operation.

One such development is CareTrack, a state-of-the-art telematics system that is fitted as standard on general purpose articulated haulers, wheel loaders, and excavators, that provides access to a wide range of machine monitoring and tracking information. CareTrack provides customers with machine insights and quality connected solutions in the most efficient way possible.

Getting machines to do more safely while using less fuel are some of the most important factors on a construction site. With CareTrack you can easily identify unnecessary machine idling and wasted time, along with fuel consumption, to optimise machine and operator performance. You can proactively manage your service and maintenance to maximise uptime, and gain crucial insight into your machine’s point in its life cycle to plan services, and even order space parts in advance to reduce unnecessary downtime.

“Customers now have unprecedented insights into the productivity of their machinery as CareTrack provides real-time insights of machine utilisation and fuel consumption, enables tracking, and simplifies maintenance to reduce downtime – it is a truly valuable resource.” Explains Hayden Grant, national product manager at CJD Equipment, Volvo CE’s national distributor.


The Bigger Picture with Volvo Co-Pilot 2

“Co-Pilot also helps operators use their machines efficiently. Not only can they learn about their machine’s fuel consumption and excessive idling, but they can also manage all operations with ease and customise functions to monitor their job progress with greater independence and confidence.”

Volvo Construction Equipment have also unveiled their latest Connected Map solution, a positioning service which provides a visual overview of all machines and vehicles on site, including non-Volvo equipment. Part of a portfolio of uptime services that utilises a telematics system, this innovative solution adds another layer of visibility.

Combined with Volvo’s successful CareTrack monitoring, the Connected Map solution aims to create more sustainable, connected, and efficient work sites. Connected Map works by extracting the positioning data from machines, either using the Co-Pilot touchscreen display or any other mobile device, providing it has a SIM Card and the Volvo Map App installed. This unique functionality also allows temporary site visitors to access the app in the same way.

“The Connected Map software is designed to work seamlessly and simultaneously with Volvo’s Co-Pilot. You can have a visual overview of the position of every machine, vehicle, and visitor on your site, it’s a fantastic feature to have right at your fingertips.” Hayden says. “Users benefit from complete jobsite visibility, helping to make operations safer and more efficient. Connected Map also makes it easier operators and visitors to become familiar with the site and know where everyone and everything is.”

Volvo’s Connected Map solution allows for total visualisation of typical jobsite such as site facilities and landmarks, including roads to assist in site navigation around, loading zones, and dump zones. Site mangers can also communicate any changes to parameters on site to all users in an instant alert.  Real-time updates to the map such as speed changes, one-way traffic or alerting when visitors are on site through an online portal, can help to improve operational flow, increase productivity, and recognise safety incidents before they occur.

Volvo is renowned as one of the world’s best manufacturers of safe, high-quality, and technologically advanced machinery – telematics is just one step forward in the transformation towards strategic customer partnerships – with additional productivity services available.

Together, CJD Equipment and Volvo CE provide a range of premium construction machinery suited to Australia’s unique industry requirements for decades. Volvo and CJD deliver a range of productivity, fuel efficiency and safety solutions for a highly productive operation, ensuring machines are performing at their very best.



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