Stand out from the crowd - Volvo E-Series 1

Stand out from the crowd – Volvo E-Series

It takes something extra to stand out from the crowd, and the Volvo E-Series excavator range particularly the short swing radius models do just that, taking productivity and accuracy to the next level. Offering outstanding power, versatility, and the latest technology, Volvo E-Series excavators are a great option for your everyday earthmoving and civil construction jobs, backed by an extensive national product support network from Australian distributor CJD Equipment.

“The E-Series comes with Stage V emission control engines and are classed as one of the most fuel efficient and cleanest engines currently in use in Australia,” says Hayden Grant, CJD Equipment’s National Product Manager for Volvo Construction Equipment.

“The range is designed to work with effortless efficiency, with the reduced swing models in particular, offering improved safety for working in tight spaces.”

The Volvo E-Series short swing excavator line up comprises of 14-ton (ECR145E), 23-ton (ECR235E), and 35-ton (ECR355E) models. Featuring a narrow body design with a centrally positioned boom enables the excavator to get extremely close to objects and reduces the risk of rear damage of the machine as it swings.

“These models are well-suited for applications where the excavator needs to operate on the side of the road, or somewhere where there’s a lot of obstacles around. The swing radius is all that is reduced in this range without compromising on power, lift capacity, and balance,” Grant states.

The E-Series is also available with optional Dig Assist technology which assists your operators in achieving their full potential. One of the many programs that utilise the Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab interface, Dig Assist ensures job parameters are met more accurately with improved site safety.

Volvo Co-Pilot is your partner in the cab; an intelligent and intuitive control system exclusively developed by Volvo Construction Equipment. The interactive display offers real-time insights into the work being performed to ensure the highest standard of efficiency and productivity in numerous applications.

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The ergonomically positioned touchscreen display enables the operator to manage all the excavator functions quickly and simply from a single in-cab system with fewer on-screen menus, helping to keep the focus on the task at hand. This includes selecting modes of operation, along with programable joystick buttons and Bluetooth connectivity.

“The Volvo Co-Pilot state of-the-art technology is designed to work seamlessly and simultaneously. Dig Assist offers exceptional control, whether you’re digging trenches, levelling sites or grading slopes, and provides real-time data for a responsive and efficient operating experience.” Grant states. “Once the pre-set operating limits are met, the Volvo Co-Pilot automatically alerts the operator through audio and visual signals.”

Dig Assist has three different tech-assisted options to provide real-time guidance for operators and keep them running as efficiently as possible. The standard 2D package option delivers productive results and simplifies the digging process for complex multidimensional sites. Using the Volvo Co-Pilot screen and GPS, the operator can set the target depth/s, and draw 2D shape designs from the cabin, and within a few steps excavation can begin.

Intended for site levelling and profiling slopes, the 2D option uses real time data to clearly show when target depth/slope levels have been achieved, with less under/over excavation. The operator can visualise the bucket and the machine’s position with indicator guidelines on the screen.

Dig Assist can also be upgraded to a mid-range option In-Field Design (IFD), “The In-Field Design app provides a stronger excavation accuracy, additionally using GNSS and RTK navigation technology,” Grant says. “The operator can actually input designs and work to satellite or laser position, so surveyors don’t need to mark out the entire excavation site.”


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For more complex and larger-scale projects, the 3D option is available which incorporates TopCon and Trimble apps into the Co-Pilot interface to enable a fully functional three-dimensional site solution. “Not only does Volvo Co-Pilot make light of heavy-duty jobs, but it also minimises interruptions in the workflow for greater onsite safety.”

Design profiles can be imported from external sources for more accurate and efficient project execution. It allows for more complicated shapes on 3-dimensions, which the operator can easily define on the Volvo Co-Pilot tablet.

“Volvo’s E-series excavators are the perfect combination of power, comfort, and innovation. Efficiency is at the core of Volvo’s design to ensure operators reach their full potential, and this is integrated into everything, which really sets Volvo apart from the crowd.”


Also featured in Earthmovers & Excavators Magazine Issue 409”  Volvo E-Series excavator range is short and sweet (


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