Power and Precision Unleashed: Volvo L180H Wheel Loader in the Sand Quarry 1

Power and Precision Unleashed: Volvo L180H Wheel Loader in the Sand Quarry

With a focus on power, precision, and innovation, the Volvo L180H sets new performance, efficiency, and operator comfort standards. From its robust engine and advanced transmission to its intelligent load management and ergonomic cabin, the L180H is an indispensable asset in sand quarries and construction sites worldwide.

Exceptional Features of the Volvo L180H Wheel Loader

The Volvo L180H wheel loader boasts a robust Volvo D13E engine with an impressive 304hp output and a displacement of 128 litres. This ensures formidable performance while adhering to stringent emission standards, such as Tier 4 Final/Stage V regulations. Its transmission is a fully automatic powershift with a lock-up torque converter featuring four forward and four reverse gears, expertly controlled through Volvo’s OptiShift technology.

This machine exhibits versatility and efficiency and has a standard bucket capacity ranging from 3.4 to 5.3 cubic meters. Its operating weight, varying according to the specific configuration, typically ranges from 27,000 to 28,400 kilograms. The Volvo L180H rides on sturdy 26.5 R25 tires and operates with a load-sensing, closed-center hydraulic system, where hydraulic pump flow varies by configuration. It also offers a spacious and ergonomic cab with climate control and excellent visibility, prioritising operator comfort, reduced noise levels, and advanced control systems for precise operation.

The Volvo’s L180H’s hydraulic system comprises two load-sensing axial piston pumps with variable displacement, with the steering function always holding priority. The design incorporates a double-acting 2-spool valve with an electro-operated primary valve. The lift function of the valve encompasses four positions: raise, hold, lower, and floating position.

Furthermore, an inductive/ magnetic automation boom kickout feature can be toggled on or off, offering adjustability to any position between the machine’s maximum reach and full lifting height. In addition to the lift function, the hydraulic system includes a tilt function with three modes: rollback, hold and dump. Users can also fine-tune the inductive/magnetic automatic tilt to attain the desired bucket angle, providing enhanced control and versatility.

Power and Precision Unleashed: Volvo L180H Wheel Loader in the Sand Quarry 2
Volvo L180H Technology Provides Productivity at its Peak.

One of the standout features of the Volvo L180H is its remarkable fuel efficiency. Thanks to a powerful Volvo engine (compliant with the latest emission regulations), second-generation Opti Shift technology, and the addition of a new dry P-brake, operators can now achieve up to 15% greater fuel efficiency compared to the previous series. This leap in fuel economy is not just a cost-saving measure; it also significantly reduces the environmental footprint of the machine. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and the planet.

The Volvo L180H boasts a powerful engine with outstanding torque and acceleration capabilities. The L180H’s hydraulic system is strategically engineered to maximise fuel efficiency without compromising productivity. Advanced engine control systems are integrated into the Volvo L180H, consistently delivering exceptional power and efficiency without compromising productivity. Advanced engine control systems are integrated into the Volvo L180H, allowing operators to fine-tune the machine’s performance to suit their precise requirements. Such precise control guarantees that the Volvo L180H delivers exceptional power and efficiency, solidifying its reputation as a dependable choice for even the most challenging environments.

The L180H incorporates innovative technologies like automatic engine shutdown and an eco-pedal, significantly contributing to its remarkable fuel efficiency. The automatic engine shutdown feature ensures the engine doesn’t run needlessly, resulting in fuel savings and reduced emissions. Meanwhile, the eco pedal encourages operators to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits by applying a mechanical push-back force in response to excess use of the accelerator. This Eco-Pedal promotes smoother and more controlled operation, allowing the Volvo L180H to optimise fuel efficiency while maintaining performance.

In load and haul scenarios, it’s a common practice for operators to switch between reverse and forward gears without engaging the brakes. In such cases, deceleration typically relies on the torque converter, resulting in energy loss and excessive strain on the converter due to heat transfer. Volvo’s Reverse-By-Breaking (RBB) function is a technological innovation considering the machine’s speed, direction, and throttle position. It automatically applies the service brake when needed to slow down the equipment. The RBB technology conserves fuel and reduces wear and tear on the converter.

Volvo’s onboard weighing technology is also integrated into the L180H to allow operators to accurately measure the weight of the material they are loading into the machine’s bucket in real-time. This technology helps operators avoid overloading or underloading the machine, which can lead to safety issues, reduced efficiency, and increased wear and tear.

Furthermore, the L180H has an intelligent weight distribution system and sophisticated load management system that precisely tunes machine performance and guarantees stability, even when handling substantial loads. The exceptional load capacity and management capabilities render the Volvo L180H a dependable option across various quarry projects.

Power and Precision Unleashed: Volvo L180H Wheel Loader in the Sand Quarry 3
Comfort and Operator Comfort on the Volvo L180H

The Volvo L180H strongly emphasises operator comfort, boasting an ergonomic work environment and exceptional visibility. Its intuitive user interface and intelligent controls render it a top-choice machine for varying skill levels. Inside the cabin of the Volvo L180H, meticulous design minimises noise and vibration, resulting in a tranquil and comfortable workspace. Furthermore, the machine incorporates cutting-edge safety elements like rear-view cameras and proximity sensors, instilling operators with confidence and peace of mind as they work.

The L180H offers the optional integration of Comfort Drive Control to reduce operator fatigue and enhance overall productivity. This intelligent feature allows operators to steer the machine effortlessly using a compact lever. This functionality proves especially effective in high-speed truck loading operations, where precision and efficiency are of the essence. By minimising the physical demands on the operator while maintaining precise control, Comfort Drive Control not only contributes to improved comfort during extended work hours but also maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine, ultimately enhancing the performance and output of the entire operation.

In the dynamic world of sand quarrying, the Volvo L180H Wheel Loader embodies the spirit of productivity, combining brute power with precise handling and intelligent technology. Its adaptability and operator-focused design make it an invaluable asset in any sand quarry.


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