Volvo Dump Trucks

Articulated VS Rigid Haulers

Dump trucks are an essential part of any construction site’s earthmoving arsenal. But when it comes to off-road projects such as those carried out in mines and quarries, which one is best for the job? The truck needs to be all-terrain, performing in every type of condition thrown down by the weather-gods. It needs to be durable. And it needs to be cost-effective. Volvo Construction Equipment is some of the best in the biz, and their articulated dump trucks are market leaders. In this post, we’ll be looking at the differences between Volvo Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT) and Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT).

volvo dump trucks

More production hours = more money

For many areas of the world, such as China and parts of Asia, the onset of the rainy season (or monsoon) often means it’s down tools on construction sites.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. The employment of ADTs on off-road projects can significantly increase the number of production hours in a year due to their outstanding performance in the wet and their ability to get to all those tricky, hard-to-reach places with minimal road damage.  They can extend a company’s production season by up to three months, leaving other haulers out in the parking lot, waiting for the sun to appear.

Wet weather?  Not a problem

When a site become a muddy quagmire and its steep, slippery slopes are enough to challenge a mountain goat, Volvo machinery has your back.  The Volvo ADT’s unique hydro-mechanical steering system features a feedback rod, ensuring accurate, self-compensating handling for tough off-road conditions. And unlike the RDT’s rear-wheel drive, Volvo’s flexible Automatic Traction Control (ATC) allows for full automatic selection of 6×4 or 6×6 drive combinations ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and maximum traction under the most extreme ground conditions. ADTs can also manage steep inclines with ease. Even if it’s faced with up to a 20% gradient in the wettest of conditions, the ADT can operate effectively on every square inch of an off-road site, saving a fortune on excavation work. In comparison, a slick, muddy haul road with a fairly mild 8% slope would stop an RDT in its tracks. In dry conditions, the Volvo ADT can handle a gradient as steep as 45%. It makes for the perfect all-season operator.

A more efficient dump

The Volvo ADT’s effective hydraulic system makes placing the load in exactly the right place – even on downhill slopes – a snap. Its unique Load & Dump brake system provides ease of operation, reducing operator fatigue and cutting down time spent at the dump site.  And unlike an RDT, the ADT’s high ground clearance, placement and body shape allows it to dump its load directly over the dump edge, minimising the need for bulldozers to finish the job.


Volvo Construction Equipment is renowned the world over for its quality and innovation. And with its customised steering system, efficient hydraulic system and impressive manoeuvrability in the toughest of conditions, the Volvo ADT is one of the most productive, cost-effective articulated dump trucks on the market.



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